carmen Vass

Vocal, Drama  and Creative Thinking Coach for young adults.

My Story

Having embraced my inner unicorn I provide an environment of acceptance, joy and limitless creativity. My fun persistent  approach to the work is infectious and inspires new creative developments. My Tinker Bell energy shines light into the smallest of keyholes unlocking unlimited potential. 

As a successful accomplished performing artist my  credits include the London West End, Broadway Tours, UK and International Tours, TV... webseries/shorts creator and producer ... not to mention having performed with 4 Phantom of The Opera Companies in two different countries, countless of cities and including the 25th Anniversary at the Royal Albert Hall.

My career inspired by amazing teachers, coaches and mentors along the way, who kept me focused, persistent and supported. Therefore it is my turn to pass on the torch of creative inspiration and to keep the artistic community flourishing. 


Passing on our knowledge and sharing our experiences is a priceless opportunity to prepare the next generation to be confidant in their abilities to follow their heart and pursue making their dreams a reality. 


My background in arts education is extensively varied and therefore very unique. Ever since I had a semester at the BRIT Performing Arts School in London UK that covered art in education I was hooked. I have been providing forms of arts education ever since for the last couple of decades. From starting to run my own Musical Theater Workshops as extra curricular activities at schools, to being a substitute vocal teacher at major conservatories in London, to being a Vocal/Drama Teacher for a Saturday school who prioritized making the arts education affordable for all, to Master Classes throughout North America on behalf of Broadway Connection and The Phantom Tour. 

Whether or not a young adult wants to pursue a career in the arts, learning how to be creative throughout all aspects of ones life is an invaluable tool. Having the skill of creative thinking matched with self confidence and trust in ones own abilities can not only create a strong artist but can also be used from creating a  business, or for public speaking or even handling nerves when interviewing for a job. 

My coaching and masterclasses are in vocal technique/ acting through song, drama, creative thinking and confidence building.


Online One on One Vocal Coach :

Private lesson building technique, finding your voice, acting through song, song prep (audition cuts, performance, etc..)

Masterclass in Voice & Performance:

Starting with a group warm up, and then either working on a song collectively or working on individual song choices, building confidence singing in front of an audience,  working on technique & performance. 

One on One Vocal Drama Coach:

Working on the craft, acting technique, characterization, script work and personal creations.

Masterclass in Drama:

Group work involving warm ups and exercises, followed by group improv work to create performances pieces, or working  individual monologues in a group setting. 

One on One Vocal Creative Thinking:

Individual class built on freeing up ones creative thinking to assist in executing a project or idea. How to brand oneself in the current market and create an idea and nurture it into existence from performance art to product development and presentation. 

Masterclass in Creative Thinking:

Group workshop consisting of individual and group exercise, to open up ones creative thought process, build confidence in ones ideas and how to present them in a professional format. Including Branding, personal mission, public speaking, story telling, presentation and producing.

All of my classes include:

The development of self. To build self confidence. Discover and love ones unique traits and use them to make you stand out and achieve success. Finding ones voice to be your own story teller.



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